ACPN Official Excursions arranges a historical and cultural visit to The Grand Hotel in the afternoon of April 1.
Pick-up time: 13:00 from the conference venue
Return time approx.: 17:40 to the conference venue
Tour difficulty level: Moderate

1. Evacuation Tunnels 避難隧道

Over the years, the Evacuation Tunnels have come across as very mysterious. Some speculate that they are secret passageways leading to the Presidential Office Building, while some others insist that they are connected to the Shilin Official Residence. In actual fact, they are emergency exit routes built during the Hotel refurbishment. Currently, the Grand Hotel is the only world-class hotel in the world with such a design. There is one Evacuation Tunnel on either side of the Hotel. The one on the East, measuring 67 meters, leads to Beian Park, and the one on the West, measuring 85 meters, leads to Jiantan Park.

2. Centennial Golden Dragon 百年金龍

Originally erected as a bronze dragon in front of the Taiwan Grand Shrine, the Centennial Golden Dragon was preserved when the Grand Hotel underwent expansion and was moved to the front of the Golden Dragon Restaurant. The Dragon was gilded with 24K gold during the 1987 refurbishment. The Dragon stands out with its three claws, as opposed to four or five claws in traditional Chinese dragons.

3. Plum Blossom-Shaped Caisson Ceiling 梅花藻井

A plum blossom-shaped caisson ceiling hangs on top of the Hotel lobby. In the center of the plum blossom, five golden dragons circling a pearl symbolizes the arrival of five blessings. Inside the caisson ceiling there are 23 peripheral golden dragons and 16 phoenixes for the summoning of good fortunes: “Ascension to Eminence” and “Prosperity All the Way”. In Mandarin, the number “3” has a similar pronunciation to the Chinese word for “Ascension”. If said together with the Chinese word for “Plum Blossoms”, the number “16” plus a blossom will sound like “Prosperity All the Way”. The plum blossom-shaped caisson ceiling is thus a profound symbol for auspiciousness and success heralded by dragons and phoenixes.

4. Glass Doors in the Lobby 大廳落地玻璃門

At the main entrance of the Grand Hotel are large glass doors, rectangular and elegant. On closer inspection, one can see six hidden archaic characters on the glass stating “Long Live the Republic of China”. This design not only reflects the hotel’s historical background but also the ingenuity of the architect.