ACPN Official Excursions arranges a historical and cultural visit to The National Palace Museum in the afternoon of April 1.
Pick-up time: 13:00 from the conference venue
Return time approx.: 17:40 to the conference venue
Tour difficulty level: Moderate
Capacity: 200 participants

The National Palace Museum (NPM, 國立故宮博物院), a must-see for international visitors, has the finest collection of Chinese cultural relics the world has ever known and is regarded as one of the five most important museums in the world. The NPM collection covers almost 5,000 years of Chinese history and comprises nearly 700,000 pieces, including Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks—ancient bronzes and ceramics, exquisite carvings and calligraphy, fine paintings and rare books. Participants will have an in-depth guided tour within the museum and appreciate the beauty of world treasures such as “Along the River During the Qingming Festival (清明上河圖) ”, “Jadeite Cabbage (翠玉白菜)” and “Meat-shaped Stone (肉形石).”