IPNA Scientific Workshop

IPNA Guidelines Workshop

Evidence-based Clinical Management in Pediatric Nephrology, an IPNA Scientific Workshop, is scheduled on March 29-31, 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dear Colleagues,

I cordially invite you to the first workshop on Evidence-based Clinical Management in Pediatric Nephrology which is organized by the IPNA Best Practice and Standards Committee. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this workshop will be held virtual. The workshop is dedicated to guideline methodology, distribution and implementation. More than 20 new guidelines will be presented by international experts and there will be plenty time for discussion. The workshop takes place in the afternoon of Center European Time (CET), and begins after the day’s program of the Asian Congress of Pediatric Nephrology (ACPN2021). This allows convenient attendance from colleagues from different time zones and thereby offers a unique opportunity to discuss important guidelines and identify new burning topics in the field of pediatric nephrology within a large audience spanning the whole globe.

I look forward to your participation

Prof. Dieter Haffner, Chair of the Scientific Committee

Scientific committee:
Dieter Haffner, Hannover, Germany (chair) Khalid AlHasan, Riad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ali Duzova, Ankara, Turkey Olivia Boyer, Paris, France
Xu Hong, Shanghai, China Montini Giovanni, Milan, Italy
Koichi Nakanishi, Wakayama, Japan Il-Soo Ha, Seoul, Korea
Arvind Bagga, New Dehli, India Melvin Bonilla, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pankaj Hari, New Dehli, India
Speakers :
Olivia Boyer, Paris, France Khalid Al-Hasan, Riad, KSA
Pankaj Hari, New Dehli, India Jonathan Craig, Adelaide, Australia
David Tunnicliffe, Sydney, Australia Rukshana Shroff, London, UK
Justine Bacchetta, Lyon, France Jens Drube, Hannover, Germany
Lars Pape, Hannover, Germany Allison Tong, Sydney, Australia
Keisha Gibson, Chapel Hill, US Agnes Trautmann, Heidelberg, Germany
Christoph Licht, Toronto, Canada Don Batisky, Atlanta, US
Brian Becknell, Columbus, US Giovanni Montini, Milan, Italy
Il-Soo Ha, Seoul, Korea Koichi Nakanishi, Okinawa, Japan
Arvind Bagga, New Dehli, India Francesco Emma, Rome, Italy
Karl Peter Schlingmann, Münster, Germany Detlef Böckenhauer, London, UK
Alicia Neu, Baltimore, US Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg, Germany

*Last Updated Date April 2020.